Students of the Bergé International Talent Programme with Inés Araguren, programme coordinator and María Aguilera, curator of the Bergé Collection.

Japanese and Korean students in the Bergé International Talent Programme tour the Bergé Collection

Bergé recently celebrated the 10th edition of the Bergé International Talent Programme, which every year awards internships at various Bergé companies to ten young students from the universities of Hitotsubashi (Japan) and Chung-Ang (South Korea).

In addition to internships in different business sectors, participants benefit from Spanish classes, a management course, visits to the embassies of Japan and South Korea, visits to Korean and Japanese automotive companies operating in Spain, and an extensive programme of cultural activities, including a guided tour of the three venues where the Bergé Collection is displayed. 
They were quite surprised by the works in the collection which we see at the office every day, as is apparent in the magazine the students published at the end of the programme, which can be downloaded here: