Colección Bergé helps organise the international symposium on corporate collections and museums at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam on November 25

Since 2012,Colección Bergé has been part of IACCCA (International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art https://www.iaccca.com/home.html) and since 2014, we are also board members of the association. It is in this capacity that we organisedthese lectures held recently at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Under the title “International Symposium on Corporate Collections and Museums: Synergies and new Perspectives on Collaboration”, 160 professionals from the world of corporate and private collections, museums andcultural and art institutions from more than 20 countries attended the symposium with a view to exploring new approaches to partnership betweenpublic, private and corporate collections and their links to public and private museums, in an attractive programmeinvolving directors and curators from prestigious international collections and museums.